Free Strength Training Workout Plans

Classic, yet incredibly effective!

Engaging in regular strength training not only builds muscle mass but also enhances metabolism, improves your bone density, and promotes your overall well-being.
Discover our thoughtfully crafted strength training workout plans suitable for both men and women. These free workout plans, available for five, four, or three days a week, target key muscle groups using effective exercises. Each session prioritizes major muscles while addressing often overlooked areas, fostering injury prevention and enhancing daily or sports performance.
Elevate your fitness journey with purposeful routines and best strength training exercises.

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These programs are designed by our National Academy of Sports Medicine, NASM, certified personal trainer. So, train with a peace of mind that you are getting a free professional program that can help you reach your goals.

These programs are designed by our National Academy of Sports Medicine, NASM, certified personal trainer. So, train with a peace of mind that you are getting a free professional program that can help you reach your goals.

Workout FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

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These Programs are laid out in a way to suit both beginners and more experienced lifters.
Foundation and concepts of strength training are simple and apply to everybody regardless of their lifting experience. These good old fashioned exercises and workouts are effective and will work for everybody. That’s the whole idea of it’simple.
We tried to provide varieties to suit different schedules. These workouts will act more as a guideline rather than a strict rule book that you must follow. So, we suggest; choose one and start and then you can adjust later as you progress.

You might be wondering why there is only a one-week calendar for each plan while some other programs show 4-, 8- or 12-weeks program that need to be changed?
Well, because they want to sell their plans and subscriptions and and we don’t. They will tell you that you need to change exercises and your routine otherwise your muscle growth will plateau. Let us be clear, that’s total BS. Lifting consistently and progressive overload (adding more weights to your lifts as you progress) are the keys for a good workout.
We understand that you might get bored doing the same exercises over and over. That’s why we added alternative options for each exercise spot. You can try to switch them up for more varieties.

If you look at the bottom of each workout day, you will see a “personal trainer tip” section where you can find advices from bests of industry. Our programs have been put together by our NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer and are inspired by fitness industry leaders who prioritize science and have trained many high performance athletes. 

For a great workout program these items shall be considered:
1- You need to train all muscle groups and not neglect any
Almost all strength routines involve major or so-called mirror muscles like quads, abs, biceps and pecs. And while they’re indeed important for functioning and looking fit, they’re far from the only muscles that deserve your attention. Muscles like rotator cuff, Glutes Medius and Minimus, Rhomboid and Rear Deltoids are some of the smaller muscles that are usually neglected but they are crucial to maintain a good posture and to stay out of injury.
2- You need to Include heavy compound exercises.
Compound exercises are exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time making them the most efficient training to build overall strength.
3- You should use proper volume and proper rest time.
4- The program needs to include warm-up and recovery routines.
5- It must consist of best and safest exercises.
6- It needs to address your posture.
7- And lastly it needs to show you the proper form and common mistakes for exercises.

Programs are designed to limit the use of fancy equipments and most of the exercises can be done at home if you have a set of dumbbells and resistance bands. Obviously yo will have more options if you have access to a gym.
If you have no equipment at home or are short on time, make sure to check the home workout section on the guide page. 

The best split is the one that fits your schedule and preference. The one that you enjoy the most and allows you to want to go to the gym and train with the highest effort. Whether it’s one of the split workouts or the total body workout plan.

More experienced lifters might benefit more from split workouts that let them focus on one muscle group per training day to maximize their gains. But, have we seen pro body builders do total body workouts as well? Yes. 

The benefit of total body plans is that they let you hit all body parts at each session so if you lose one or two sessions per week you can make sure that you at least hit the whole body once.

Check out the this video from Jeff Cavaliere and Andrew Huberman


This can greatly come to your personal preference. But there are some considerations. 

With short rest time between your sets, you will get more metabolic stress on the muscle which is that burning sensation you feel in your muscle. Although this can contribute to muscle growth, the more important factor in muscle building, is your workout volume and the amount of weight that you lift in each set. Taking longer rest time will let you to recover better between sets and gain back more of your strength letting you to lift heavier weight.
So, what is that perfect number when it comes to rest time?
There have been multiple studies on this matter, and they suggest for compound exercises that involve multiple muscles like squat, deadlift, shoulder press and bench press, between 2 to 3 minutes of rest between sets will lead to greater results. And for other type of exercises that focus mainly on one muscle group, like bicep curl, up to 2 minutes rest will be enough.
But this can vary based on your training intensity, your level of experience and so many other factors. So, use those numbers as a baseline and see what works for you the best. Obviously increasing the rest time between sets will increase your total workout duration and if this is something that will stop you from finishing your session, by all means lower the rest time and adopt your training intensity based on that. 

There shouldn’t be such thing as a male or a female exercise routine. Women can and should lift weight and nobody (wether male or female) would bulk-up! or become Arnold Schwarzenegger by just lifting weight. This has been discussed, studied and proven in hundreds of resources. Lifting weight and having a proper diet will help you build reach your goals wether is to lose weight or gain muscle and muscle on both men and women look great and power that comes from those muscle is essential for your daily life.

Let’s hear it from Dr.Mike:

For fat loss, you should not rely on training only, Period.
You have probably heard that you lose weight in kitchen and not gym. If you eat more calories than you need each day, you will store that energy as fat in your body. That’s the first law of thermodynamics and it’s been and will be true as long as you live in this universe.
However, training will help your fat loss journey in some ways:
– You make muscle. The more muscular you are, the higher your metabolism. This one is more specific about strength training which help you build muscle.
– It helps you to burn more calories beyond your total daily energy expenditure (Amount of calorie you burn each day just to stay alive!)
– It helps you to be more accountable when it comes to diet. Those who exercise regularly tend to develop more healthy eating habits and watch their calorie consumption more.
Obviously strength training is not just about the body composition and aesthetic is only a small portion of training benefits.
Strength training helps you build muscle, the muscle that you need and use every day.
Whether it’s everyday tasks like carrying groceries or playing your favourite sports; you like playing tennis, you need strong back and shoulder muscles; you like skiing, you need to protect your knees with strong quad muscles. Strength training will also increase your bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
It improves your posture, balance and coordination so you can stay out of injury. And finally, it is the best way to lose weight and tone your body.

Hey what about gaining weight? Well what kind of weight you want to gain? Fat or muscle? I assume the answer for 99% of you is muscle. Then, yes. These programs will help you build muscle that you are looking for. Plain and simple.